BONZAI Intranet

December 2016, PleoData selects Bonzai Intranet ( to be the choiced sharepoint intranet solution for all her customers. We are committed to invest in this partnership as Bonzai has demonstrated her abilities to provide core intranet functionalities needed by organizations, without the complexity, cost and risk associated with a custom-built sharepoint intranet.

North America's Leading Intranet In-a-box for SharePoint and Office 365

Delivered in half the time and at a fraction of the cost, Bonzai offers a disruptive solution to once costly custom SharePoint intranets. Bonzai is a market-leading enterprise intranet solution built on SharePoint and Office 365 to help your employees connect, communicate, collaborate and engage.


Why is Bonzai loved by 300,000 active users in the world’s most successful Fortune 500 companies?


"Out-of-the-box, Bonzai met 91% of our business requirements with an added bonus of meeting an additional 8 that were deemed out of scope. With Bonzai, we are decreasing intranet costs by 54% over 5 years."

- Robin Morgan, Intranet Project Lead at Capital Power

Most Loved Features

There's a reason why Bonzai is rated the best SharePoint In-a-box solution in North America - because we cover all your business requirements, in style.


Let news travel fast

Keep your people in-the-know with timely stories, mission-critical news and departmental updates. Dynamic and easy publishing allows for eye-catching layouts with a social twist - employees can share, comment and like.

Target news & announcements to select audiences

Gone are the days of catch-all news stories. Get laser-focused when publishing news to different audiences so you can share relevant, timely and job-specific updates. Watch readership soar and engagement analytics increase.

Content Targeting




Company events & seminars made easy

Bonzai's event management tool helps you promote internal events. Set a maximum number of registrants and share event details. Guests can also see who's attending, seamlessly add the event to their calendars, and interact in the comments section.

Manage, organize and secure your mission-critical documents

Make it easy to access important and frequently- used documents such as forms, policies, procedures. Built-in version control ensures that you're always accessing the most recently approved version.

Document Portal


Advanced Search


Search you can trust

Lack of trust in search is a key reason why intranets die. We know two organizations are never alike, so we've made it easy to configure default settings for search that makes sense. And, with type-ahead search, employees can find what they need in seconds.

Access your intranet anytime, anywhere

What you see is what you get...across all devices and it's a good thing. We've ensured that Bonzai provides seamless experiences across your desktop, tablet and mobile devices.





Get social with Bonzai

Bonzai provides cutting-edge social features so anything that is worth sharing, commenting or liking will be. This also allows you to measure engagement with the content you produce.

All eyes on [your intranet]

Aesthetic. Aesthetic. Aesthetic. We ran user-test after user-test to design an overall look and feel that is simple, clean and pleasing to all eyes. We've also made it easy to brand web parts so that your intranet looks just like you.





Craigslist just for your company

Forget post it notes and bulletin boards by the watercooler. MarketPlace provides a great way to buy, sell and give away items within your trusted employee community. Believe or not, apps like this help increase intranet adoption.