PleoData Resource Management System

PleoData Resource Management System was designed and built with you in mind. The software makes it easy for users to find and schedule the right meeting room or any type of resource, at the right time, so that you can focus your precious time on the meeting preparation instead. It is designed to serve both your Organization Users and your External Users.

It's a Software-as-a-Service web application, hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. All you need to do is to subscribe and use, without worrying about implementation, system maintenance and patching.

You can sign-in to the application, using your Office 365 so that you don't have to manage another set of account and password.

The on-premise version of our application also support sign-in using Microsoft Active Directory accounts. Contact us if you are interested in deploying our application locally.

Easy Scheduling Anywhere

  • It is mobile responsive, book a meeting room from your laptop, phone or tablet, in or out of the office.
  • We help you find a meeting room in less than 3 seconds, no more scrolling of calendars.
  • The Dashboard page gives you the availability of slots at one glance and tracks all your current room bookings.
  • Our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Calendar View allows you to see Your Organization's Bookings.
  • Perform daily, weekly and monthly recurrent room bookings in a single submission.
  • Search for room by start date and time, duration, seating capacity and equipment.
  • Confirm a room, release a booking or extend a booking easily.
  • Book Adjacent Rooms with folder partitions in one booking.
  • Book for Your Boss.

Easy Configuration & Administration

  • Create and configure meeting room information such as location, equipment, seating capacity etc.
  • Create and configure new resources (e.g. company vehicle, privileged cards, audio-video equipment etc.) and Person-In-Charge.
  • Set advance booking periods for meeting rooms and resources.
  • Set earliest confirmation period, to manage room booking no-shows.
  • Define meeting rooms that require booking approval.
  • Generate reports on room and resource bookings.


Data Analytics

  • Find your rooms choke points with our data analytics and promote time slots with lower usage patterns.
  • Discover Cancellations and No-Shows with our data analytics capability and translate them to actionable items.


Utilization Control

  • Cap booking durations and advance bookings by simply applying quick business rules.
  • Our multi-site support enables you to manage different locations and different resources with simple clicks.

Rich Web API

Our application is built on a rich set of Web APIs, this allows for interesting integration possibilities;

  • Billing System for invoicing purpose.
  • Building Management System, to control meeting rooms lighting and air-conditioning.
  • Mobile apps, for a more targeted and richer mobile user experiences.